Logan Seidlik
Self-described as “a long-haired creative type who revels in making the world a little prettier,” Logan tests the bounds of possibility, whether it is for print, web design, or motion graphics. Since graduating from the New Media Communications program from SIAST (Wascana Campus) in 2010, Logan has built his skill-sets by embracing innovation, creativity and quality for all projects, large and small.  A firm believer that ‘less is more’ when it comes to design, Logan works to ensure that each project he undertakes stands out for all the right reasons, and achieves the maximum level of communicating power that will not only serve immediate need, but stand test of time.

As a recent start-up founder, starting in the 24-Hour Startup and progressing through the Cultivator START program, Logan is uniquely positioned to help with the needs of other small businesses and Startups make a huge impact.
Some of the wonderful businesses and organizations I have worked with: