The Brief
The primary goal of a political logo is to communicate familiarity and values, so when I was approached to modernize the visual system for the Saskatchewan New Democrats those items were in the front of my mind. To put it simply, we need to hold on to the past but point towards the future.
The Audience
Legacy voters and vibrant young people looking to be inspired and create change.
The Solution
The core of the new logo is a revision to the older mark based on a prairie lily, which is iconic to Saskatchewan.
With that as the base-line I added an implied sunrise to the graphic and modernized the entire structure with sharper angles and more vibrant colour. The orange needed to be as bright as possible and have a nice contrasting blue to ground it.
Finally the addition of the outer circle to act as a frame and provide some softer curves to work in contrast to the diamonds in the centre.
Supporting all of this is a classic and timeless typeface family that can be used for all communication across print and digital mediums.

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